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Valet- Portland, OR

Premiere Valet carefully screens its potential candidates with a background check and verifies that the applicant has a valid driver’s license with a good driving record.  Once a valet is hired, they are put through a comprehensive training program that covers any potential situation that they may encounter with clients, weather issues, automobiles, etc.  Each valet is also taught the importance of customer service.  We want our employees to exceed the expectations of both the patrons of our service and our clients as well. We are constantly striving to provide the highest in professional customer service in every facet of our business.

Premiere Valet is looking for exceptional candidates who possess these qualities:

  • parking/valet experience preferred but not required
  • a valid driver's license
  • a clean driving record
  • experience driving manual transmission
  • customer service experience
  • clean cut, professional appearance
  • good work ethic and integrity
  • team player
  • punctual and responsible
  • must be able to pass drug test

Hours per week will range from 15-40 based on applicant's availability, possibility of advancement and/or full-time hours. 

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As a condition of employment with Premiere Valet, are you willing to undergo a criminal background check and employment reference check?
The valet position is physically demanding, requiring a valet to run regularly at each shift. Are you comfortable with a position that will require you to run in a fast, efficient manner?
As a requirement of the job, are you willing to work in an environment where you must remain on your feet for several hours at a time?
Premiere Valet enforces strict policies regarding a clean cut, clean shaven, professional image. Are you willing to maintain a clean cut, professional image at all times?
Can you speak, write, read, and comprehend the English language?


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